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Find the best nintendo 3ds

The new nintendo 3ds is rumored to be one of the best gaming consoles out there, actually even taking its toll on the famous Wii that stood king for a long while. Yet you should not disregard this, as the new console really has some big plusses we will talk about. With it, when you will desire to watch 3D content, you will never have to consider wearing special glasses in order to be in for it. The whole system is also said to be lighter and more beautifully designed than any other previous Nintendo gaming consoles.

The screen that it features is as wide as three point fifty three inches and it features an LCD screen. You will be in for the 3D view of your game without actually needing to buy any 3D glasses, which is really amazing. But in reality, you will only get to be in for images that will create you the impression of getting 3D content, which overall, will certainly offer you a more immersive experience.

The free 3ds features a bottom screen that is a three point zero two inch touch screen which is stylus based. You will thus get a Stylus pen alongside so that you will be in for a better experience when using the 3ds.

As such, the stylus can be stretched quite much and when you will have it stretched out to the max, you will get around four inches. The 3ds has one inner camera and 2 outer cameras. They are the ones that are taking care of the mind boggling 3D content and they are also vital when you will wish to take 3D photos.

On the right side of the 3ds, you will find the 3D depth slider. So using it, you will be able to determine just how much 3D effects you want to be in for. The controls will thus be edited by the user based on their viewing distance. The gyro sensors and the built in motion sensors will allow for the gamers to be in for a more engaging gaming experiences.

The new free nintendo 3ds has a built in Wi-Fi connection, meaning that you will be able to connect with the consoles of other people and delve into online games. So, even when your console will be in sleep mode, it will still be able to have data exchanged online.


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